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jobs that happen at night in Tokyo? 2011/7/6 19:29
Hello, I am researching for a new programme about weird and wonderful jobs and occupations that take place at night.

I have very little knowledge of the place and I was hoping people that live there or go often could help with any occupation there (specifically Tokyo) that people do during the night. the weirder the better. I really look forward to hearing from you
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Delivering flyers 2011/7/7 19:10

In Japan, letters and newspapers are inserted into the household mail box that are situated right outside your door. There are people who go around putting flyers in these mail boxes round midnight.

It may not seem so weird when you read about it like this, but it is when you're up studying or working or doing video games at 2 in the morning and you start hearing mail box lids tapping every 30 footsteps or so.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that these people are part-timers who are assigned to deliver a certain amount of ad flyers at any random hour they wish to. The interesting part is that many chose to do this in the middle of the night. Perhaps they want to avoid residents who complain about having ads thrown in their mail boxes.
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