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Married to Japanese girl 2011/7/7 05:32
Hello all, and thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

I have recently married a Japanese girl in US (Maryland), and have filed all appropriate paperwork regarding marriage / green card in US.

I am curious as to what the advised / appropriate process is for notifying the Japanese government, so that our marriage is recognized there, and so that when I go to acquire a Japanese spouse visa, there are no surprises. Can anyone with experience in these matters provide any insight?

Thanks for your help.
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. 2011/7/8 09:57
Just have your marriage license professionally translated into Japanese and she can have you put on her family registry there. Not too complicated.
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. 2011/7/8 10:16
Your wife needs to contact the Embassy of Japan. They have all the information you need. Don't worry. They won't bite you.

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marriage registration 2011/7/8 11:56
Note that you need to register your marriage at the Japanese embassy within three months of getting married. Also, I think you can just translate the marriage license yourself using the fill in the blanks form provided on the embassy website. The relevant info can be found here:

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Thanks 2011/7/12 03:59
Appreciate all the feedback, I will do as everyone has kindly advised!
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