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Searching house in Tochigi 2011/7/11 10:56
I am searching house in Tochigi-ken Nishinasuno/mishima.
Please inform me contact numbers of real extate agents or how to find information about houses in this area.
by Shilpa (guest)  

Try here for starters... 2011/7/13 06:33
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... 2011/7/13 07:45
The second link points to Mishima City, Shizuoka, nowhere near Tochigi. I think Shilpa was referring to Mishima district in Nishinasuno.
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Correction 2011/7/13 10:14
Oops, my bad. Wasn't paying attention.

The first link would work, forget about the second link. Here is the page with listings, you can find them in the upper right part of the page.


Single family houses for sale are listed under this link: Èˌ(64)

Rental houses are on the left side under this link: ݏZ(6)
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Thanks 2011/7/16 20:43
Thanks a lot to both of you. I am sure, this information will definitely help me.
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