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Protein supplements in Kyoto? 2011/7/12 19:03

I'll be travelling to Kyoto this coming August for a few weeks and I'd like to continue taking my protein supplements. I'm not sure if I could carry it with me from the UK. If not, I'd like to buy some. Does anyone know where I can buy protein supplements in Kyoto city?

Hear from you soon!
Thank you.
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... 2011/7/13 10:07
If by "supplements" you are referring to standard whey or soy powder, then there is no need to worry.

Many drug stores like "Drug Yutaka" carry a small selection of protein. If you want a wider selection, you can go to Mitsuhashi Sports near Oike and Karasuma streets.

Also Gold's Gym located at Nishioji Nijo sells all types of supplements.

There is no equivalent to a GNC in Kyoto (or perhaps anywhere in Japan??)
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thank you for replying 2011/7/13 19:27
hi, thank you for replying. yes I mean whey protein powders you get online or in the UK (or anywhere). brands like USN, Sci Mentor etc... you wouldn't know the address for the shops you have mentioned do you? And furthermore, are they expensive to buy? and what is the quantity you can get? I'm only staying for 19 days so don't require that much, perhaps less than 800g will do.
thanks again!
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... 2011/7/14 21:29
The Mitsuhashi store is very easy to find.
You can see it from the corner of Oike and Karasuma streets.

My 1.2kg bag of (Kentai 100% soy protein, amino score 100) protein was 5400 yen and yes there are slightly smaller sizes but the prices won't be much lower.

By the way, if you are in Kyoto and need a place to work out, Gold's gym has visitor rates.

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thanks! 2011/7/14 22:04
hi, that was very helpful. I'll have a look see when I'm in kyoto. well, there was another gym call inspa kyoto which I would like to try out.
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