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Online gift shop in Japan 2011/7/15 23:08
Hi all,

I'd like to send a gift (flowers, chocolate, been sweets or so) to a Japanese family. As I don't speak or read Japanese and I'm not in Japan, I need an English language online gift shop or department store. Can anyone recommend a website? Thanks a lot!
by limboy  

... 2011/7/19 13:11
This is Japan's biggest shopping website. It has everything:
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Rakuten 2011/7/19 21:58
Thanks, I ordered something there. Their English pages are kind of weird, but it worked in the end (or so I hope). I just wish that the shop that actually sells the stuff would communicate in English too, but it doesn't.
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thanks for the link 2011/7/23 14:19
Thanks for the link to Rakuten, what a great site. I ordered some Miffy stuff straight away... very similar prices to shelf price when visiting Japan and shipping was reasonable.
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yattenai 2011/7/23 15:07
There is no direct shopping available on the internet from some of my favorite places where they sell senbei or manju and other okashis. I have no problem ordering tea.
What's up with that?
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