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Where to get old 78 rpm records 2011/7/17 12:07
Does anyone know good places to get 78 RPMs (SP”Õ)
(sp ƒŒƒR[ƒh)in the Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka area. I will be in Japan
the first two weeks of September. Recycle shops,
Flea markets, stores, etc. Pop, Jazz, swing, blues. No foreign, or moaning and groaning (˜Q ‹È, ˜Q‰Ôß, ƒNƒ‰ƒVƒbƒN, ‰Ì Œ€,
‰Ì Šw, ‰Ì•‘Šê, etc.).

by Kenny (guest)  

. 2011/7/17 13:19

A quick search mostly gave me information on "digitalized" SP records, but I did find the website for Nihon Onban Club, "the only SP record auction group in Japan."

If you scroll down the website you can find links to bars and people who are into 78 rpms. Good luck!
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