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Do you believe? Women's World Cup 2011/7/18 11:29
Wow did anyone watch that? Japan was awesome.
I'm so happy for Japan after all they went through. They needed something good to happen for them. I'm so glad it did! おめでとう!
by abe123  

That was amazing! 2011/7/18 18:45
I watched it live on BBC 3; it was amazing. If you couldn't watch, try to catch one of the summaries on CNN or other news channels.
I loved that 'never say die' mentality.
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#1 2011/7/21 06:26
No matter how greater they are at playing soccer one of them said cannot power over taller and stronger players. But Japanese's superb skill, agility and quick thinking were evident in their play and won. How about the goalkeeper,
Ayumi Kaihoni, the best! Suki Kumagai's strong kick. The strongest team I've seen in a while for Japan. The whole team is at their strongest.

ayumi Kaihoni
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motto 2011/7/23 15:03
We watch Miyama #8 over and over how quickly she kicked the ball in to score a first goal for Japan. That was the coolest movement I have ever seen. She's great!
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wohoo 2011/7/23 20:31
It was such a amazing game, really happy about them ^^
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machigattetayo! 2011/7/25 17:33
That flag by referee on #11 Ohno was wrong. Even an american announcer saw that and commented on referee's call which was wrong call. Ohno was in not out.

#1 Japan!!!!!!
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