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cheap omiyage 2011/7/22 10:45
hi guys. I am going home to the Philippines this Aug. can you give me some idea for cheap omiyage that i can give to my friends? Thanks..
by ashley1  

. 2011/7/22 11:32
Go to the 100 Yen shop and see if you can find things like Sake sets or tea sets. I have found dinner sets and other Japanese gifts. I was very surprised at the quality and selection some stores have. We even sell the stuff here in America for much higher prices.
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okashi 2011/7/22 16:33
There is an okashi shop in Ameyoko that has tourist size packs of Pocky etc that make cheap easy gifts.
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kobe 2011/7/22 23:53
my current location is near in kobe(hyogo).. can you guys give me some shops near there? thanks..
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