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Camera rent? 2011/7/23 17:29
Okay guys

I do know that this is probably ridiculous, but I came to Tokyo and left my camera at home. I dont want to buy a new ona since Im kinda short on money but I would like to rent one. Does anyone know a place or a person who might help??? Im in Tokyo right now..

Thanks for every advice
by Martina Hrnciarova (guest)  

. 2011/7/23 19:10
I think the only still cameras you would find for rent would be high-end equipment for professionals.

You might want to take a trip to Akihabara where you should be able to find a secondhand camera for a resonalble price.
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disposal and rental 2011/7/24 00:21
Martina Hrnciarova,

Must it be a digital camera? Cheap disposable film cameras are available at convenience stores and camera shops for just a few hundred yen.

Otherwise, there are indeed rental cameras available for about 2000 yen for 5 days or so. You can find them on the internet, although I'm not sure how soon they will be ready. Ask at your hotel for assistance.
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Disposable cameras 2011/7/24 02:50
Disposable cameras are a great idea, Uco-san, and sort of back for some very cool results, do a google search for lomography.
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cheap digital 2011/7/25 09:35
It still could be cheaper to buy a new one as the cheapest digitals are widely available for well under 10,000 yen including a memory card. I saw some the other day on sale for 7000 yen, and 4gb cards for less than 1000 yen. That's probably similar to using disposable or cheap film cameras once you factor in the cost of processing.
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