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100% Cherry juice in Tokyo? 2011/7/25 11:45
Anybody know where I can buy
100% cherry juice in Tokyo.
It is for health reasons.
(The uric acid in my blood is two high so I am at risk of kidney stones and gout)
I can find acerola but cherry juice is what I am really after.
Has to be 100% as the sugary gunk they pump into many juice drinks can make my condition worse.

by tokyoguy (guest)  

cherry juice 2011/7/25 14:49
If all else fails get a subscription for Allorin -works for me
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thanks but 2011/7/25 16:05
Thanks, I would prefer to do it the diet route if possible because all these drugs seem to have strange side affects and they are expensive in Japan.
I don't mind eating fruits, drinking lots of water and cherry juice so I will try that way first.
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. 2011/7/25 18:43

It seems you can buy them on-line from numerous shops.

Or can you not use a juicer to make your own?
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thanks 2011/7/26 11:01
Thanks I will try to buy online, good idea.
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