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Cost of camping equipment in Japan 2011/7/25 18:10
Here we go again :-)

I need to buy a tent and sleeping bag as small and light as possible as I'll be carrying them on a bike.

I'll be starting off camping in Hokkaido at the beginning of September and then going south.

I've been looking here in Kuala Lumpur, but there isn't a great selection and the more decent stuff tends to be the imported. For example a 'Camp 1993 Minima 2SL' is more than double the price here.

My question is: what is the range & especially price of camping equipment in Japan like and can anyone let me know if there is a good camping shop in Wakkanai (which is where I'll be starting off from and will need to get my equipment from).

Many thanks as ever...

by Matt69  

. 2011/7/28 22:18
Can I assume you are arriving in Hokkaido via Sapporo? If so, getting your equipment there would be your best bet. You could try HardOff or 2nd Street stores for secondhand equipment:



Homac hardware stores also carry camping equipment, there's one not far from Sapporo station:


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Yes & no... 2011/7/29 21:18
I'm arriving in Sapporo, but heading straight to Wakkanai though I imagine I'll probably be passing through Sapporo on the way south.

Thanks for all the links, Rob... in the end after info from another source I've bought the essential stuff in Europe and shipped it over. If I need additional stuff, Sapporo will be a definite staging post.

Thanks again, Rob.
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