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Tokyo Autosalon 2012 2011/7/26 15:22
Hi, does anybody have any information about whether this event will occur in Jan 2012?
by samsherlyn  

Tokyo Motor Show 2011/7/26 17:53
The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will be held from December 3-11th as planned.

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.. 2011/7/26 18:41
Hi yea, saw that on the web, but am more keen on the Autosalon 2012 as I visit it yearly. It's held at Makuhari Messe so I wondering if it will still go on. Don't seem to see updates about it as usually at this point of the year, it would be announced already.
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autosalon 2011/7/27 00:10
Whoops, my bad. I was just reading about the motorshow and must have went into autopilot there when I read your question. Anyway, the autosalon just opened up vendor registration from July 20th, so I think its safe to say that it will go on as planned.

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... 2011/7/27 13:27
Awesome! Is there an official web for it's updates? Looking forward to plan my next trip to Tokyo plus a visit to Hokkaido!

I understand that domestic tickets should be booked 2-3 months in advance so that I can enjoy the special priced fares?
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news 2011/9/3 07:48
latest news is this..

For Exhibitors

We are sorry, all the booths at every catetgory have been completely sold out.
We appreciate your enthusiastic interest in our show!!
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Re: Tokyo Autosalon 2012 2012/1/9 01:46
Jan 13, 14 & 15.....see you there!
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