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shopping for kids 2011/7/27 07:01
I'll soon go to Tokyo, and i'd love to bring back japanese clothes/toys to my two nieces (they're 2 years-old and 10 months-old).
Do you know any shop/store dedicated to children clothes and toys?
(ideally in Harajuku, but anywhere in Tokyo will be fine)
by lily (guest)  

How much do you want to pay? 2011/7/27 18:20
Every department store I went into had a kids clothes section but some were very expensive (to me) I wouldn't pay $80 AU for a little child's t-shirt.

I like getting stuff for my toddler at Uniqlo when I am in Japan cute stuff cheap price and the quality has been great to wash and wear time and again.

Of course there is Gap at Harajuku if you just want to bring something home for them not specifically "japanese".

Hope that helps?
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Re: Shopping For Kids 2011/7/27 22:06
I second Jojo's answer. Uniqlo is a great source and is starting to open stores around the globe. If they are successful, it would be quite trendy to give a gift from this store. And if your friends understand this it would be quite appreciated to get a gift from the store.
One thing to keep in mind is that the kids you are planning to purchase clothes for are constantly growing, so you might want to buy a slightly larger size.
For toys, etc, I think Kiddy Land in Harajuku (In a temporary location due renovations) is a good source. But there are tons of shops along the main road near the train station where you can find competitively priced toys and clothes. Just don't get carried away and have too much for your luggage!
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thanks 2011/7/27 23:36
Thank you both for you answers!
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