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Japanese Salad Dressing 2011/7/30 03:27
I'm trying to find a recipe for a Japanese salad dressing, I can't remember what it tasted like because it was so long ago when I had it. And the restaurant where I had it has been closed down, so I cant call and ask. I have looked at a lot of different recipes but they all seem to thick, I remember that it was very thin. I have include a link to a picture of what it looks like.


Sorry I can't be more detailed on it.
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Which country and Why? 2011/7/30 13:19

Apparently, you did not have this dish in Japan. At least, it doesn't look Japanese to the Japanese at all, so I assume this was designed to please the people of the country the restaurant was located.

I'm sure it would help if you can tell us what country and area you had this and why you are trying to make this dressing if you don't even remember what it tastes like. For example, if you are looking for anything that would make your salad "look" like this while pleasing your locals, I may be able to throw in some ideas.

Meanwhile, to me it looks like something made from chili, sesame and oil.
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why...? 2011/7/30 14:49
Why did the tomoto blush?

Because he saw the salad dressing!!!
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. 2011/7/30 15:34
The dressing looks like something sweet & sour and chilli based. Have you tried to search "sweet chilli dressing" or "sweet chilli salad dressing"?

If you want your dressing thinner, why don't you increase one of the liquid ingredients? Like vinegar, lemon juice, or oil, if any of them is in the recipe you found.

You don't have to follow a recipe strictly, as long as you are happy with what you get.
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more 2011/7/31 00:21
I do remember that it was more on the sweet side, deferentially not spicy at all. :P tasted really good on my rice. It was a place in Spokane WA, USA.
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ketchup? 2011/7/31 02:07

Then I imagine that the color is from ketchup if not anything artificial.

Basically, salad dressings are made from a combination of vinegar (or some kind of citric juice), oil (although in Japanese cuisine they hardly use oil on dressings), salt (or some kind of salty ingredient such as ketchup or soy sauce), often sugar (or something sweet) and other spices such as pepper.

So all you have to do is to mix these things until you get the flavor you prefer.
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Thank You 2011/7/31 03:39
Thank you I will being trying this very soon.
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dressing 2011/7/31 08:47
That looks like Thai food.
Here are some standard Japanese dressing recipes.

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. 2011/8/3 15:13
It looks like a miso based.
What you can try is to find a big Japanese supermarket, i.e. in Portland, etc. and buy salad dressing in bottles that the color looks like on the pic. There are so many different kinds sold now that you might also find new favorite flavors.
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