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Shopping: Summer vs Fall Goods 2011/7/30 18:58
Why is it that in Japan stores will have a product, you buy it, you like it, go back to buy more (even within weeks) and 'sorry, it's out of stock now - wrong season'.

This happens to me almost every year (with clothes), around July-August usually!

Recently, again, I bought a shirt. There was only one in my LL size. It was cool, so one week later I go back and ask 'can I order more'?

Answer 'No it's wrong season now...

What is going on???

Can't they just contact their supplier and ask to send 6 more please?

Also, for summer clothes that I may like and want more of, is there a cut off point when I need to get the store to buy in more for me? Is July-August really too late or is the (big name) department store just being lazy?
by Tom (guest)  

. 2011/7/31 03:30
Sounds like you just need to buy 6 when you go on the first visit!
I'm pretty sure it's not just Japan that does this though..clothes go out of season and stores introduce new stock. It certainly isn't some unique idea because it happens in the UK too.
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. 2011/7/31 03:33
and sorry Tom, I didn't see that they were out of stock. If the store you are buying from has an online service, it might be worth checking there as they may hold old stock.
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... 2011/8/1 07:54
Ummm, too bad. A week later sounds like just bad luck. If you went weekS later, I'd say that was too late.

I think summer is when the department stores have to make quick decisions about when to start putting summer clothing on sale and start selling fall products - you might have been just on the cutoff point.

They must be telling you that they are approaching the end of season (so they KNOW that no more stock would be available). Often even department stores have their own branded clothing, and have them produced in only limited quantities, to be sold off in one summer, not to be carried over.
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worried 2011/8/1 19:16
if you're worried about it then you'd better start buying all your summer clothes right NOW because summer stuff is going to be out of stock within a few days. i'd give it til august 4th until stores have completely cleared out their summer inventory or mark it down so cheaply that it sells within the day
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