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Finding lost relitives in sapporo 2011/8/1 00:15
I was wondering if japan has a ancestor search service of some sort? Its been 35yrs. since i was last living there on a airforce base in the kanto area. i am mixed japanese and gaijin. does anyone have any info as to where to begin? My parents haved now moved on. So i dont know where to begin, any ideas?
by kelsee  

. 2011/8/1 20:06

Have you tried searching keywords like "ancesters" or "lost relatives" on the search engine of this forum? If so, please tell us specifically which part you didn't understand.

Basically, you can start by visiting the city hall or the base you were located at.
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Thankyou 2011/8/2 21:25
no i havent tried this search engine,but i will thankyou for the info!
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