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Buy a netbook in Japan? 2011/8/3 01:15
Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a netbook and I'm in Malaysia, but I'm heading for Japan soon... Should I wait and buy one there? Can I get a better deal, but... will it be compatible outside Japan?
by Matt69  

Rakuten 2011/8/3 18:48
Unless you are looking for a netbook with Japanese Windows & keyboard or a specific model only sold in Japan, I don't think you'll get a much better deal. Choice is somewhat limited if you are looking for an English netbook actually. For warranty it is also better to purchase in the country where you reside or make sure you get global warranty. Here is a list from Yodobashi Camera online store to compare prices: http://goo.gl/zqCrr
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buy in japan if.. 2011/8/3 23:06
buy in japan(get a japanese based OS netbook) if you plan to install Japanese software. Also at electric shop where you can get free or big discounted price when you signed up for internet/broadband services.

A Japanese OS netbook will have no problem installing English software, but problem when you have English OS installing Japanese software, you'll get all gibberish symbols etc.

So what are your main usage for a netbook, if it just for skype or internet browsing, some light word processing better buy it in Malaysia, cheaper and more option available.
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Thanks 2011/8/4 01:39
Thanks to you both for the answers... I thought that is what I would hear.

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depends 2011/8/5 02:43
Netbooks are $199 new in usa at microcenter and other shops. In Japan, kakaku.com lists lowest online prices. You can get used ones in Japan.

Some Japanese software can be installed in Win7 English because they're internationalized. Others require the Japanese fonts to be installed, which is limited to certain versions of Win7 English. Others require you to download a free Microsoft language setting program that tells Windows which language to default to. And others won't display anything sensible.

A majority of common programs work fine on win7 english with Japanese font and ime installed (free, comes with certain versions of win7 like pro or higher-see microsoft.com). Microsoft has improved multilanguage compatibility over the years and win7 can handle it better than oldr versions.
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