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Online order for sending flowers 2011/8/3 07:33

Does anyone know if I can order flowers online and send it to my girlfriend's place in Japan?

Basically I'm in a long distance relationship, and my Japanese girlfriend is living in Japan, while I'm in another country, thousands of miles away.

I would like to order flowers online and being delivered to her place (she is currently living with her parents).

Is this a good idea to do such a thing?
I have done this before when she was living in my country, and she loved it.

Therefore is there an online store that has English ordering system? I can't read Japanese, so it's a problem for me.

She lives an hour away from Tokyo by train (sorry, can't mention exactly whereabouts).
by JazzApple (guest)  

re: Online order for sending flowers 2011/8/3 11:06

There are loads of sites for ordering flowers online, and your local florist can probably also accept orders for sending flowers to other countries.

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... 2011/8/3 18:03
Thanks Dave, great link!
Although I expect those sites which use the term "international" normally subsidise their order to florist in Japan(?), which is way over charged? I've looked at some of those florist sites before and quite a few have some horrible reviews from customers.

I was hoping someone who knows a "decent" florist that is located in Japan, with reasonable prices? Like a small independent store?

Anyhow, thanks!
I will search using your Google link, cheers Dave!

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... 2011/8/3 18:38
This is in the opposite direction, so to say, but we often use an online European flower delivery service (from Japan, where we live) to have flowers delivered to our relatives living in Europe. Certainly that is a centralized service that places those orders with local florists in the desination town/village with whom they've signed up, so the system is the same. They show photos of the flower bunches, just like some of those "send flowers to Japan" sites do, and so far the relatives loved them all. We've seen the delivered flowers ourselves a few times when we visited, and they DO look the same as the photos :)

So... why not give one a try? A small "neighborhood" florist in Japan is unlikely to be able to deal in languages other than Japanese, and do not accept credit cards (crucial for international, online purchases), so that would be hard to find.

I've tried to look up some well-known centralized flower delivery service like those, such as "Hana Cupid," but they do not seem to have any English language website.

Here is one company that I know in person - this is a reputable one in Japan, and have quite some shops across Japan (as well as online delivery site). I have bought from them and the quality was good... they do not seem to have an English website on their own, but they do have a shop on "Rakuten Ichiba online mall." The English is machine translated, but it's usable (to an extent)..

Shipping to an address in Japan should be no problem.
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good reply!!! 2011/8/3 19:18

Thanks AK, that was really helpful, I will try Rakuten since I'm a member on that site.

Therefore I take it that sending flowers in Japan is popular? I'm not sure if there are any culture differences, but I will be sending them to her parent's place. I hope it's ok to do so.

Once again, thanks!

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... 2011/8/4 09:29

On birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. (probably a bit less on anniversaries lol), people send/give flowers, though generally (just my guess) probably less than in the West. Her parents know that she's got a boyfriend, right? Then that should be fine.
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yep! 2011/8/5 00:23
Yes, everyone knows about me as her boyfriend. Her mum wants to meet me, and ask me to come over.

I'm just nervous...... Time to hit the Japanese langauge books!! Fast!! :')
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