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OK to give fingerprint to a nightclub? 2011/8/5 10:57
The other weekend I went to a nightclub.
It is huge and famous not some little unknown club in a backstreet of roppongi.
The entrance was 4000 yen but on there website they advertised you can get in for 3500 yen if you give your email address and they send you an email to become a member. So I did that, in the email it said you have to register with your ID at the club.
As it turned out the place to register to be a member was inside the club so you had to pay full price the first time to get in and next time you can get in cheaper. The Japanese friend I was with also didn't notice on the website this tricky thing about the discount being for the next time. he said it was ''cheeky''.
Anyway fine, we weren't going to kick up a fuss, we just wanted to get in.
Then after we paid full price entry we found the register desk.
Then the girl had a laptop with a finger print reader attached, she asked for our finger prints and then took away our ID (mine was a gaijin card) I presume she copied the ID or something and gave it back to us.
Now we are members.

Afterwards I started thinking, was it stupid of me to give my fingerprint and ID to a nightclub.
Can they be trusted with my information?
A government (immigration) is just about acceptable but a business is a bit strange.
You hear all sorts of corruption and people being wrongly accused...this is me being paranoid but...what if some criminals or police had access to that info. You always hear about forced confessions in Japan...this would make it even easier to be easily accused of a crime you didn't commit.
or worse criminals could pay for the info, or it could be hacked if they don't keep the info secure.
In the future I guess biometric info will be more and more valuable.
Was I stupid to give my fingerprint data?
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fingerprint 2011/8/5 11:55
Was I stupid to give my fingerprint data?

Perhaps, but then again a fingerprint is commonly used in Japan in lieu of a hanko, and now that I think about it, I've given my fingerprint to all sorts of businesses over the years.

Personally, I don't worry about it, but I do find it odd that a club would take that kind of info. Then again there's not that much (realistic mischief) that can be done with it. Not yet at least...
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... 2011/8/5 12:07
Fingerprint? I guess they are trying to look "smart," next time you can just go in with fingerprint authentication, no ID needs to be presented.

Would you trust a bank to do a fingerprint authentication at their ATM? I guess many people do for security reasons.
I guess I would agree to a bank doing that, I would never do that at just nightclub for such a minor convenience like not having to present your ID next time, but that's just me.

Personally I would never let anyone take my fingerprint unless there is a good reason (club entrance is not good enough a reason for me), and I would not let anyone take away my passport or driver's license out of my sight without asking me first if it's OK to take a copy.

But I wouldn't worry about it, no. That was unusual, but no, police can have my fingerprint record all they want, mafias wouldn't be able to use it to fake any ID or anything. They can't accuse you of anything just because you left ONE finger's fingerprint somewhere! :)
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