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Digital Camera Rental? 2011/8/5 22:45
My camera broke today and at the repair shop I was told that it would cost 16.000 Yen to fix my 35.000 Yen camera.

What I want to know is if there's a cheaper way to acquire a good digital camera than getting mine fixed or buying a new one, for example renting it like a cell phone?

I'll be staying in Japan for another month, and I want to take pictures. Disposable cameras aren't really an option, since I want digital photos that I can store and share online.
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search keyword is "camera rental" 2011/8/5 23:54
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... 2011/8/6 16:56
If you still have a month to go i would spent some money for a new camera (check the sales in big camera shops). I would not spent over 10000 yen for repair of an older camera. I do not know how old your camera is but camera's over the year became less expensive and got in the same time more functions/quality.
You might also consider to go coming sunday to one of the flea-markets and buy a used camera. I visited some time ago the flea market in Oi Keiba Jo (horce race track in Tokyo) which is open i believe every sunday (please check). They had a lot (piles) of cameras both analog and digital. Maybe you can find a seller that can proof that a camera is still working before you buy it.
Have a nice stay
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second hand 2011/8/8 09:26
The are many places at Akihabara that sell good quality second hand digital cameras. Have a look in the Sofmap second hand store. It's located across the road and about 50m north of the main corner store. Go down stairs for cameras.
I know a few other places in Akihabara that sell older digital SLRs with lens for around 25,000 yen.
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