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buying a samurai sword 2011/8/10 13:12
this is my first sword im getting and i did some research and ikonw i cant really get a good katana for under 80$ but i did find some that look pretty good and my mom dont wont to spend no more than 80$i just need to practice with cause im supossed to start at a real dojo soon learning forms of bushido and dont want to start without be able to practice at home here or the katanas im looking to get



and the last one is

so those are the katanas and i know most people use bokkens and wooden sticks to practice with but i wont a sword that i can be proud oflike the samurais did

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samurai sword 2011/8/10 14:00
Bushido is not a martial art, rather its a philosophy or code of conduct. So you need to do some more research and figure out what martial art you want to study? Several involve swords, i.e. kendo, iaido, but each is different and uses different equipment. I'd suggest starting your classes first or talking to the dojo to find out the equipment you actually need before spending money on a sword that may only end up being used as a conversation piece.
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edit: buying a samurai swrd 2011/8/10 21:14
sorry i ment to say im studying the art of bushido and the form of martial arts im taking is ladio
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iaido 2011/8/11 11:02
I would't buy a sword yet if you are serious about studying iaido. A cheap sword may be exciting to play with at first but you'll probably be disappointed with it in the long run, especially since you are buying on price. Start your classes first and they should give you all the info you need to make a good informed sword purchase when the time is right. Anything you buy now is just a toy to play with to pass the time.

In fact, I wouldn't even start "practicing" before you get any real instruction either. Since you don't know what you are doing you will just end up establishing bad habits that you'll have to break later.
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