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Buying a JR rail pass 2011/8/11 09:42
i will buy JR rail pass but not with my credit card.if i buy it with someone elses credit card will i have trouble??
Also after buying online i will get payment paper and with that i can buy Jr rail pass from some terminals?
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JR pass 2011/8/11 13:48
To get info about JR pass,
Google http://www.japanrailpass.net/ this is the official page for that pass
when the page open click on English
in left column click on "where exchange orders are sold" to get a list of official retailers.
Click on a continent or area..

BE SURE to read ALL the pages on the JR pass site.

I have bought several JR passes with my own credit card for friends, so that part isn't a problem. Be sure you buy it from a reputable company, like JTB ..some other companies charge extra..

You will get a voucher by mail or in person if you go to an actual office. Each voucher will have the name of the person that will use the pass.

Once in Japan you will have to go to a JR booth or office in a JR station (not all stations can do that. Airports JR rail stations are great places to do that.
At a JR station or booth each person must be show his/ her passport with the temporary visa that was given at the arrival airport in Japan.

The pass itself will start anytime after that: same day, a few days later, one week later..
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. 2011/8/12 02:58
Thank you very much
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