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Waterfront restaurants/cafe 2011/8/12 15:41
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone knew of a nice waterfront restaurant or cafe that me and my jgirl could have a nice sunday lunch/brunch at when we visit Sakuragicho/MinatoMirai/Yamashita-koen area ^_^

A good view of the water would be a plus.


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. 2011/8/12 23:56
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thanks Uco 2011/8/17 10:19
I was hoping for a place by the water, not inside a shopping mall like world porters but that place looks good so we might check it ou.
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. 2011/8/17 11:54
Do you mean an outdoor table where you can walk to the shoreline? If so, I'm afraid there aren't any. I'm a citizen and I love the waterfront, so I know for sure. It's too hot now anyway.

But I would say that among the closest to that idea is as follows:

Bubby's is right in front of Sakuragicho station, and the quality of their American-style food and informal service is great and authentic. They have plastic tables outside, as well as two different indoor sections (one for fast food and other for bigger meals). You can see the Nihonmaru sailboat from there, but you can't see the water. You can eat, maybe shop at the nextdoor mall, see a movie there as well, and then take a very short walk to the water front where you can lay on the grass, cross the wooden bridge or take boat rides.

Another option is Yamashita Park. There are benches quite close to the water. You can bring along food to go, sit there and enjoy it IF the benches are not occupied. They don't sell very good food in the area, though.

The retired ship Hikawamaru is always anchored right beside Yamashita Park. I haven't been there since they renovated recently, but I'm sure they still have tables out on the deck.

But all in all, for a person who loves the sea and loves quality dining in a nice atmosphere, the one on my initial post is my best recommendation. People don't expect much in a mall restaurant and I don't either, but this is different. Every gourmet I've taken there are surprised at the great overall quality of the place. The food is great, the scenery is perfect (especially in sunset), the service is natural but flawless. When I want to dress up a little bit, I go there.

If you love the sea, instead of coming from Minatomirai station, you should walk the wooden "Kishamichi" bridge from Sakuragicho station. It's very cozy.

Tell us what you expect, and perhaps someone can give you better advise.

However, I do speak Japanese (I am Japanese) so I can't really assure you anything concerning language issues.
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... 2011/8/17 15:04
How about Le Normandie at Hotel New Grand. This is not right by the water but located at close to waterfront, in front of Yamashita Park. Breakfast from 7am-10am, Lunch from 11:45-2:30. If you go there for dinner they have a dress code. Sandals are not allowed and wearing a jacket is required.
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Just remembered another "hot" option 2011/8/17 21:42
You can also try Zou-no-hana Cafe. It is indeed very waterfront.


And another one. Jack Cafe, again, is further from the water, but quite cozy, too.

You can take the Akai-kutsu bus if you're too hot.
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