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Most useful iPhone/Android apps? 2011/8/13 07:56
I am prepping for my trip to Tokyo which is happening in 4 days so I was wondering if anyone had and suggestions for useful apps for my iPhone or Android phone that would help me with A) Getting around, so maybe something like a navigation/GPS application that works in Tokyo, preferably without data and B) a translation app or phrasebook style app that can speak or help me with constructing proper sentences.
I speak pretty broken Japanese, even though I know in Tokyo english is pretty common for the most part I would like to make the effort.

So any suggestions would be extremely welcome.

I am currently messing around with the android app 'NavDroyd' which is alright for being able to keep track of where I am on a map, but its one of those static cartoon maps which doesnt show much detail at full zoom which is kind of a problem since a good amount of the area where I am is alley ways, so if anyone has anything better that lets you download the satellite tiles of Google Maps that would be AWESOME!

Thanks in advance everyone!
by Jamilv (guest)  

. 2011/8/13 13:23
Apparently there is an offline Google Maps app for Android. I have no idea how good it is, I simply did a quick Google search and found this article talking about it.

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Google maps (off line) 2011/8/13 17:23
Just to let you know: with the latest version Google maps (Android) you can cache multiple areas (16*16km) so you do not need to be on line in those area's.
Google maps is mainly in Japanese but the important places like stations are also in English. (Note in the cached areas and off-line you can not search for a name or plan a route.)
Have a nice trip
B. Slager
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iphone?? 2011/8/13 18:32
any iphone maps offline?? I tried Japan maps app and it was useless..
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google maps 2011/8/13 23:19
I finally saw the google maps cache addon, but it doesnt seem to like caching satillite maps...anyone have any ideas about that? Maybe I am doing something wrong...
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iPhone Maps2GO 2011/8/19 03:50

I have used Maps2GO on iPhone
It is truly the greatest app on my iPhone :

- cheap
- 100% offline mode :
Do not download anything while in Japan
- unlimited maps
- if a map is missing then ask the developper !
- Points of interest (not enough one though)
- search

Something interesting

- in Airplane mode with GPS turned on it takes TOO much time to get your position
- turn 3G on, don't use Data, the GPS find your position in less then one minute

I can conclude that the phone tower "tells" the iPhone where he is approximately
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to Jamilv 2011/8/19 16:48
Google maps caches only the map and not the satellite image. Also it does not show details (house outline and streetnames) if you zoom in to the max.
B. Slager
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Go2maps 2011/8/19 17:31
@Kesasar I got City Maps2Go and it is AWESOME!
It doesnt have any of the POIs I need but it lets me add my own pins and bookmark them for future reference, also the compass is super great with it, it shows your direction REALLY well. I had to use it today to figure out how to get home from Ueno station because I got lost in the little shop filled streets.

Thanks again man!
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iPhone App 2011/8/20 05:41
Lonely Planet has maps for Tokyo and Kyoto that you can use with no data. It also shows numerous interest points and lots of information. Price is kinda high at $5.99 for each one.
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HMMMMM 2011/8/22 09:17
downloaded CityMapsGo: having a bit of a problem: very little English?? am I doing something wrong? And absolutely minimal POI; not even Todaiji at Nara??
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citymaps 2011/8/22 09:24
You need to make your own POIs, nothing of use is in it but it is really good with gps and all.
It has helped me a number of times so far getting back to the train stations and all.
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just downloaded City Maps2Go 2011/8/23 10:09
very useful and now at half price from AppStore :) Thanks for the recommendation...
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