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Finding a lost friend 2011/8/13 23:03
I'm one of those people that had a penfriend in Japan many many years ago, ten to fifteen or so, and then lost contact with it. Resent events in Japan made me want to get in contact with it, the letter bounced from the old adress which was expected.

Is there any way to get in contact with a lost friend in Japan? I have all the old adresses and the names, but I guess that could have changed if there was a marriage somewhere along the road.

Is there any sort of office or such in Yokohama/Kanagawa that one could contact for more information?
Anyone here that's intrested in acting detective or something such?

Any help would be appretiated.
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. 2011/8/15 12:20

If the letter bounced back, that's about all you can do in this situation. Otherwise, you can try Googling the name or searching the name on social networking sites such as Facebook. Just out of curiosity, which "ku" did your friend live in in Yokohama? I do live in the same city.
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Thanks for answering. 2011/8/15 17:33
I will admit I've already looked through most communities and emailed every person with the same name there. But I do not have a account on Mixi so have not been able to search there.

My friend first lived at Kohononan-Ku but later moved to Fukuda Yamatoshi, Kanagawa. Dont know if the family moved again or stayed at the last adress.
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Good luck 2011/8/15 18:05
You probably mean either Kohoku-ku or Kohnan-Ku, but the Fukuda address exists, so it probably isn't your mis-spelling that made your letter bounce back.

If it was meant to be, you will meet with your friend again. It's surprizing how people get to meet each other again after many many years.
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Thanks. 2011/8/15 18:32
Destiny is a wonderous thing yet I think it works better if you help it along at times.

Hopefully someone else got a little more information, and then next one as well.
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