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Recommend a good Kobe steak restaurant? 2011/8/15 02:54
I'm going to be staying in Arima onsen overnight, but looking to grab a Steak lunch in Kobe. Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that does Kobe steak during weekday lunch time?
by Hugh from Scotland  

.. 2011/8/15 12:01

It is very cheap and good!

4800 Yen for a steak, seriously the best steak i ever had. The garlic rice was awesome too.

However, when I was there in the winter period (Jan'11), it only opens from 4pm.
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KOBE BEEF 2011/8/15 13:49
Are you sure you had Grade A-5 Kobe beef. What size steak did you have. I bought A-5 Saga Waygu tenderloin in the market yesterday and paid 990 yen per 100 grams. You probably had a very good steak but I doubt you had authentic Kobe beef at that price.
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it is 2011/8/15 16:38
Obviously, supermarket meat are less fresh and prices highly inflated compared to restaurant kitchens -delivered and supplied from source. Many local housewives do not get fresh groceries at supermarkets.
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Authentic 2011/8/15 18:34
Oh hey, it is authentic. This restaurant was recommended to me on the forum too and if you visit the Kobe Visitor Centre, it is recommended on the brochure too =). It's only 200g btw for the steak set.

The set contains a salad, a few slices of raw sashimi of beef, the steak set and a green tea only.

However, do note its no classy restaurant with classy seating. They have bar top counters and a few tables around, they sit less than 20. When we left, there was already a crowd waiting to get into the restaurant which was already crowded. =D
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However.. 2011/8/15 18:45
While walking around and visiting other Kobe Beef restaurants in the area, there were pricey ones too.

I saw this really classy restaurant with even a violinist around and you get red wine, 19,900 yen for a set. Contains salad, sashimi of beef, soup, beef steak (250g)..

But to us, not very worth it. Moreover, it was not heavily recommended to us then. A-1 were recommended not only by the forum people here but also my friends who went to Kobe for Kobe beef. =)

The environment of A-1 isnt that terrible to us. It is an open concept kitchen. The chefs were really friendly and we felt so warm and welcomed. The smell of the cooking is in the air and we were hungry from just smelling it.

Oh, and garlic fried rice was at a separate price of 500 yen but very worth it. It was too good. The beef was so fresh that although it was rare to medium rare, it just tasted so awesome.

We even took a train from Osaka back to Kobe for another meal.
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check MOSAIC building 2011/8/19 14:36
There is a nice place on the top floor of the MOSAIC building. Dining room facing the water and a piano player. I went there in 2004 and paid about 20,000
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. 2011/8/20 09:39
It is not Kobe beef but there is a great Brazilian all you can eat beef, pork, and chicken BBQ restaurant in Harborland in Kobe. Sabbath is the name I think. Great food!
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Re: Recommend a good Kobe steak restaurant? 2011/10/30 07:48
Hi after reading this message I want to go to Kobe to try A1 and Sabbath too, but how do I find the way there? For example how to go to those 2 places with public transportation? Or walking? Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Recommend a good Kobe steak restaurant? 2011/11/2 09:13
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Re: Recommend a good Kobe steak restaurant? 2011/11/2 09:16
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Re: Recommend a good Kobe steak restaurant? 2011/11/4 09:11
Thank u! :D
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