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Fugu 2011/8/18 08:47
I was just wondering if there are places in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka that i would be able to just try fugu. Everything i have heard talks about 5-10 course fugu meals. I dont want that i just want maybe a piece of fugu sushi or sashimi. Is this possible?
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Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi) 2011/8/19 18:38
I found via web search a Kaitenzushi restaurant at JR Rokkomichi (near Kobe) serving Fugu sushi.


Fugu sushi is here.


I have never been there, however, the sushi looks like good, in my opinion.

Some reviews are here.


and the map.


About 60% of Fugu is consumed in Osaka. Fugu restaurants in Tokyo are generally very expensive (though I have never been there).
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