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How to tie decorative knots 2011/8/24 07:28

I feel like a total idiot, but I really couldn't find it only with the help of google. My boyfriend insisted on buying me a yukata set for birthday (yukata, obi, geta), but I suggested I'll at least make all the accessories myself. I managed to find handbag patterns, hair-accessories are easy, but I can't find any tutorial on how to tie the decorative knots, such as these:

Does anyone know where could I find some picture tutorial for them? I understand they're not tied in advance, but at least I need to find out the proper length of the cord etc.

Thank you.
by Mia (guest)  

. 2011/8/24 16:54

I think these are original designs and therefore it is natural to assume they're not explained on the internet.

But looking at the photos, it looks like they are arranged versions of the very basic "hon-musubi" which is the kind of knot I learned in Girl Scouts. At least the first photo seems to be a simple hon-musubi with one ends tucked in in an S shape.

Here are sites that explain how to tie a hon-musubi.
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Thank you! 2011/8/26 20:41
Thank you for your answer!
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You might try this: 2011/9/21 13:16

I am interested in tying knots ... and so found your post. The knot seems to be a decorative version of the knot commonly called the "sheet bend".

Going from the picture in the top link:

1. You need two decorative cords long enough to go around your body twice and then some for the end tuck.

2. Double the cords and even the ends. You should now have two loops on one end and four ends on the other.

3. Hole the loop end about were you want the knot. Bring all four ends up through the loop.
(Go under the loops so that the ends are underneath and next to you).

4. Holding some slack, pass all four ends underneath the sash ... pass them down and in back of the cords a little way past the loop ends.

5. Bring the ends up and through the slack part of the four ends. Work the slack out and dress the knot so that it looks neat.

6. Take the loose ends and tuck them around the sash and dress them neatly. this part of the knot is for looks only the original sheet bend will do all the work of holding the sash in place.

7. If you can not follow my instructions ''Google'' for the terms ''sheet bend'' and ''tutorial'' and you should have plenty to choose from as this is one of the basic ''Boy Scout Knots'' ... as well as being widely used by everyone who works with rope.

I hope this helps:

William Elliott
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decorative knots 2011/9/21 15:04
I'm afraid that the picture do not represent a sheet bend, rather its a hon-musubi knot as Uco described, witch is known as a square knot or reef knot in English:

The first and second pictures are simple square knots with the loose ends tucked in creatively. While the third looks like a square knot with an extra twist or two with each throw (i.e. instead of tying over under, over under like a regular square knot, tie it over over under, over over under)

Here's an interesting page on tying knots with animated instructions:
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awesome! 2011/9/21 23:04
Thank you both for the answers! I'm gonna try that ASAP.
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