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Address to send 1,000 Cranes 2011/8/25 06:36
I recently completed a fundraiser for earthquake relief where I folded and "sold" 1,000 origami cranes for a dollar each (the funds went towards reconstruction efforts in Japan). I wrote the name of each donor on the wings of a crane. Now I would like to send my cranes to Japan as a show of support. However I do not have an appropriate address to send them to. Does anyone have ideas about where my cranes would be well-received?
by GameAngel64  

. 2011/8/25 23:37
Hi GameAngel64,

I think I remember you from your previous threads.

Well, whoever you want them received by is the appropriate address where your cranes would be well-received.

Who did you have in mind as you were doing this project? What kind of people or what kind of field?

For example, the disaster spread to an extremely wide area and each area was damaged in its own unique way.

Why not study each prefecture's official website or news sites or ministry websites and see what you want to be devoted to? There's a lot of information in English. Or maybe you can simply send it to your local Japanese Embassy.
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. 2011/8/26 03:12
The donations went to Architecture for Humanity, which is helping to rebuild as well as providing temporary housing, so in general I had in mind those who have been displaced from their homes. I contacted my local Japanese embassy who told me they cannot take material donations, such as my cranes.
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. 2011/8/26 14:24
Perhaps you can discuss it with Architecture for Humanity Tokyo.

They should know what area needs/needed architectural aid the most, and then you can send it to its municipal or an NPO or school in the area.

By the way, are you the person shown on the AFH site that was on Time magazine? If not, maybe you can try contacting him to see if he has more information.

Either way, I'm sure you know that Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima were the top 3 prefectures which suffered architectural damage, so I suppose you can try contacting those prefectures.
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Send your paper cranes to Sadako. 2011/9/21 23:18
Office of the Mayor
City of Hiroshima
6-34 Kokutaiji-Machi
1 Chome Naka-ku, Hiroshima 730
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