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Indian resturants 2004/8/27 15:12
I want to know if there are any Indian resturants in Osaka or kyoto. Also Let me know If you know some other good places to eat except Japanese and Chinese food.
by indian  

YES YES YES 2004/8/29 00:46
There are heaps of great Indian rest. in Japan. The quality is great and most of the time the owners are indian and speak great english. Food is easy and cheap to find in Japan just open your eyes and your mind and you will have a ball
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. 2004/8/29 04:20
Google "Indian restaurant Osaka" and you'll find many.

You should be also able to find other restaurants such as French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Mexican without much difficulty in such a large city as Osaka.

In Tokyo I saw Vietnamese, Russian, Iranian, Tunisian and Nepalese restaurants too.
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YEEEEESS!! :) 2004/8/29 15:17
Yeah, and it is GOOD!

I just started workiing in Shinsaibashi, and there are TONS of indian resturants there. I see one ever block.

Also in UMEDA on the top of the Hep Navio (next to the ferris wheel building) there is a good Indian resturant. (I think the owner is gay tough, Shhhh!)
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Kyoto 2004/8/30 02:46
In Kyoto station there are loads of restaurants- I was there last week and was amazed to find so many different things. I stayed in the Rihga Royal hotel which is just around the corner, and they have a French restaurant.Let me know how it goes!
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"Great food "that's Osaka's nickname 2004/9/15 11:46
If you need good food Osaka is the best to visit
Besides Indian, there are great food from all over the world. You'll never be disappointed.
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My experiences of Indian food 2004/9/16 13:32
Hello All,
Sorry folks, I have tasted many indian restaurants and unfortunately most of them y have very very limited varieties and it tastes only remotely Indian. However if you need a professional Indian cook restaurant there are very few like "Dhaba in Tokyo region" Hotel Govinda Strictly vegetarian Indian restaurant in Nakano exit.
Most and Most of indian restaurant are bad in taste and worst in varieties for Indians.
-- Anand.G
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who cares 2004/9/21 16:05
why did you come to japan what do you want next kfc (the are some so look hard) it is japan how many real japanese resterants do you see in the us? no good ones
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i like SAMRAT Indian Restaurant 2004/9/25 11:49
Look for SAMRAT restaurant, i have traveled other asian countries and i always eat indian food, the best that i could recommend here in japan is Samrat. I believe they also have that in your place. There are lots of branches in Tokyo, i think there's also one in Osaka.
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Santana restaurant 2004/10/5 14:57
I was in osaka for one day but found Santana restaurant in around Dotonbori.

Yummy Black Dahl.

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IN NAGOYA 2004/10/15 21:49
Guys get some info on a good Indian food around Nagoya.
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In Shinjuku 2004/10/27 19:19
Few days back I had Veg-Indian food in the Hotel RajMahal.
Food quality was good. It is situated in Shijuku. There are lot of branches of RajMahal.
Language spoken by them was English as well as Hindi.

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near ibaraki 2004/10/28 03:23
mall in front of Ibarki station (in Osaka) has a good Indian Rest (forgot the name). Owner is from New Delhi. Speaks Hindi, English and Japanese. Had a nice expereince 2 yrs back when i visited Osaka.

Will be visiting again this Christmas and New Years.
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indian restaurant 2005/3/28 10:43
Do you know any indian restaurant in near Atsugi or Hon-Atsugi area?
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Khazana in ODaiba 2005/6/8 18:38
There is an Indian resturant called Khazana in Aqua City, Odaiba. Its a good resturant. Variety is very less. Comparitevely on a cheaper side.
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restuarants nearer tokyo 2005/11/27 12:30
Here is the list that I know
Meguro - Laxmi
Shibuy - Raj Palace
Shinjuku - Raj Mahal
All three hotels are very good in taste.

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Nagoya Indian Restaurant 2006/1/16 16:44
I know two very good Indian restaurants in Nagoya.The name is INDUS.Both with same name,in Sakae Area,One in Princess Garden Hotel 1F Ph No.-052-261-8819,Other opp.TV tower in Tatenomachi Bldg.2F ph no. -052-971-0897
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Veg Indian restuarant Yokohama 2006/3/7 17:52
Please let me know about any Indian veg restuarant in Kangawa area of Yokohama.
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indian restaurant in nagasaki 2006/3/13 15:54
please let me know abt any indian restaurant in nagasaki
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