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Good male host clubs in Tokyo? 2011/8/28 08:39
Can anyone suggest any good male host clubs in/near Shibuya? (not Roppongi)
Preferably Gaijin friendly??
by Princess-Peach (guest)  

hosts 2011/8/30 15:57
Most host clubs are in the Shinjuku area. They are not particularly gaijin-friendly if by "gaijin-friendly" you mean have English speaking hosts, but the hosts won't turn a foreigner away and are happy to chat with you in broken English, play games, drink, and take your money. If you don't speak Japanese, however, definitely bring someone who does- the clubs each have their own charge system and if you end up at one with lots of hidden fees you could be out several man (hundreds of dollars) very quickly. Most clubs have a "first timer" course which is a set price for 1-3 hours and includes a set number of drinks and a chance to chat with all the hosts on duty that night (in hopes you will find one you like and come back again at full price), so if you just want to see a host club that's a good way to do it.

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host clubs 2011/8/30 21:51
Go to Kabukicho and bring cash!
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watch this doco 2011/9/1 05:40
Watch a doco. by the title: 'The Great Happyness Space'.

It's about a host club in osaka. It's both an eyeopener and depressing to view as the characters involved are devoid of any real emotion or sense of purpose. There is surely better ways to spend your own money.
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Documentary 2011/9/8 00:25
I second Jin's suggestion. That documentary is fascinating.. It's this bizarre mix of interesting and depressing. It's great if you have any interest in Japan's host clubs, red light district, or just uniqueness perhaps.
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Basing Everything in a job off one video? 2011/11/25 15:40
I find it silly to say they are 'void' based off a documentry/drama.

I happen to know quite a few people that work as a host. None of them happen to have or ever had that quality or feeling to them at all.

They're extremely lively people, nice, sweet, caring polite, and giving. Doing this to bring a happiness, or take away any loneliness that their guest happens to have.

I am certainly not speaking for the 'sexual' type hosts that their are. I do not know any people who work at those places. But if you are talking about the casual/normal hosts, then you will be pleased visiting any in Shinjuku ( Not that different places would make them less enjoyable).

But please don't jump to conclusions after documentry. Not all of those can possibly sum all persons, or experiences in one video.
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Re: Good male host clubs in Tokyo? 2011/11/28 23:52
agree with R, remember that hosts are individuals and everyone has their own personality. some are very shallow, others are the total opposite.

kabukichou is obviously the place to go but i've never seen a gaijin friendly host club. but you'd be surprised, young japanese hosts are sometimes able to speak english remarkably well.
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Re: Good male host clubs in Tokyo? 2012/10/19 06:36
I recently went to a host club (male) at kabukicho and found a host club named "w" or " double" which had a host that spoke English and Spanish. The system was 2000yens for 90min with various drink sets (unlimited drinking of kyogetsu(type of Korean vodka), 1 bottle of kyogetsu with 2beers, etc) the neck here is that you barely with the host that speaks English for about 10min so I would recommend asking for him . Then he will be your host... Or you will be his host...?But the idea is that you can get to talk with him for 1hour with a bottle of kyogetsu or other menu at a price of 9800 with tax included.
Truly speaking he was a normal guy but was very gentle to tell me about kyoto and other places I have pretend to visit during my stay in Japan. I guess it's a bit expensive 9800yens but it's definitely a new experience. Don't worry you also get to talk and see other host and he was very kind of translating me what they said.
He gave me his mail, if you guys want to contact him go on. XXXXXX@softbank.ne.jp his name was facha and enjoy!
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