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Japan customs and homemade pickles? 2011/8/29 00:57
When my japanese boyfried visited my family, he loved our homemade pickles and pickled/preserved mushrooms. He brought one jar of mushrooms back to Japan and it was ok at that time.

I'm leaving for Japan(Haneda airport) in few days and I wonder if it's ok to bring jar of pickles and pickled mushrooms as a gift for bf and his family. Are the vegetables and fruits restricted even if it's sealed in a jar as a gift?

If they found out at the airport and say it's not permited, will they just throw it away, or also restrict my entry to Japan (I really don't want that to happen).

Thanks for suggestions!
by Aleinia  

... 2011/8/29 09:52
Japan and airport security won't have any problems if you put the pickles into your checked-in bag. Most likely they won't pose a problem in carry-on baggage, either.

More importantly, you should check for eventual import restrictions of your destination country.
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... 2011/8/29 11:47
I don't know the exact answer - but in case it's not permitted, they will just throw it away. No problem to your entry at all.

Uji-san, Aleinia is COMING TO Japan :)
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Try this.. 2011/8/31 12:36
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