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In search of mochi creams 2011/8/29 19:43
I totally love these treats that I purchased several times on our 2010 visit, they were usually in the food hall section of department stores in or adjacent to railway stations, at least that's were I found them. They have a smooth soft outer mochi layer and inside they have tasty creamy fillings likes fruit - the staff at the counters give very specific instructions on refrigerating and eating at the right temperature.

In 2011 when I visited I couldn't find them anywhere (and I hunted quite a few cities). There were packaged versions but they just weren't the same.

I think I finally found a website but can't read it in Japanese. Can anyone tell me if there is a Kyoto or Osaka stockist so I can go on my next visit? It is http://www.mochicream.com/shop_mochicream.html

Thank you for help.
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Five shops in Osaka area 2011/8/30 12:57
Aeon Dainichi (Moriguchi City)

Yodobashi Umeda (close to JR Osaka station, Comme Ça store Umeda, "Sweet musium")

Osaka Airport (Itami, not Kansai AP)

Mochi Cream Cafe Osaka Airport)

Takatsuki Seibu (close to JR Takatsuki station)

Additionally, they have no shops in Kyoto and only two shops in Tokyo. I think Mochi Creams are new food, and only this "Mochi Cream" shops sell them. For me, I have never heard of them :).
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