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Salon in Osaka? / Straight Perm Info 2011/9/1 01:17
I'm going to Japan in September. I'm going to Osaka first, then Kyoto, then Tokyo for the last part.

I was reading the forums and heard great things about the Japanese straight perm, and the shukumokyosei treatment. Unfortunately, no recent replies, and none that answer my question.

Obviously, I have curly hair. I've never had a straightening perm that actually works on me. I heard good things about Watanabe salon in Tokyo, but the problem is that I'll only be going to Tokyo at the end, and half my trip will have been over by then. So ideally, It'd be nice to have the straightening done at the start of my trip.

So do any of you know of really a good Salon in Osaka, (or possibly Kyoto) one where I can be understood? (I'm learning but my Japanese is awful). Or should I wait until Tokyo and get it done at Watanabe? I'm not too fussed about cost but I don't want to really pay more than 25000 yen, and I don't want to be in there 5 hours, as I wanna sightsee and stuff-- and not leave my brother to wander around alone half the day either. I wouldn't need the cut, I'm thinking of getting that done here before I go.

Also, I'm staying at the Westin in Kyoto, which has a salon, and I'm wondering if I should get the perm(s) here instead, if it's any easier and are they any good? I think it might be a lot more expensive because... well, it looks super expensive to me.

Also, what's better, shukumokyosei or the straigtening perm? My hair tends to get frizzy in humidity, but I have a bit of a fat face, so pin-straight might not be any good. Straight but relatively natural looking would be ideal.

Oh! Before I forget, do I need to book an appointment before going? Is there anywhere I could probably walk in?

Thank you for your help!
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K Studio New York 2011/9/1 16:03
Very good one in Umeda, Osaka Kita-ku (Nakatsu). A english speaking English. They owned a hair studio on 54th street and Madison avenue before.
Price are higher but they offer a great service and they know how to treat foreign hair well.

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thank you 2011/9/5 02:34
Thank you very much, I will take a look. :)
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. 2011/9/5 17:58
Just a warning, expect to spend several hours in the salon (at least 3, up to 5 hours depending on how long your hair is). A straight perm is not quick, and if time is a priority it might not be a good use of it.
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curly 2011/9/7 10:31
just so you know, curly hair may not be made perfectly straight by shukumou

also, after about 2 months when your hair grows out you'll have to either go back and do it again or deal with the fact that your hair always looks big and puffy. the weight of the straight hair probably won't be enough to keep the curls from wrecking your style.

i have extremely curly hair and i get shukumou done.. i do it for about 10,000yen in tokyo, look around for a similar price at a salon with good reviews
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Re: Salon in Osaka? / Straight Perm Info 2011/10/2 09:25
Re: last response - where in Tokyo do you get it done for around 10,000 yen? I live in Tokyo and need regrowth done. Don't want to pay the earth. Thanks!
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Re: Salon in Osaka? / Straight Perm Info 2011/10/2 09:26
and what does 'shukumou' mean?
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