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Chicken nanban in kanto 2011/9/1 09:47

where can I eat this delicious meal in the Kanto area? like a really good quality one

I knew I should've eaten in in kyushu last time I was there since it is from there -_- oh well next time, but for now Kanto lol

thanks all ^_^
by nampa nanban torisan (guest)  

nanban in kanto 2011/9/3 08:00
In tokyo, it's a pretty common teishoku lunch item that's not that hard to screw up -- I've had it at a number of restaurants and it all tastes the same.

I also used to live in Kyusuhu and the chicken namban was good, but didn't think it was better than here...

IMO, I loved it at Yayoi-ken, a chain of teishoku places all around Japan. It should be on their basic menu.
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