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Onigiri? 2011/9/3 06:20
United States
Where can I find Onigiri in the U.S.? Because I am very obsessive about them lol. I just want to try them. Thanks!
by Tapion  

? 2011/9/3 13:07
Cook some rice and make them yourself. Go to the supermarket and buy some seaweed wraps.

There you go!

There's no real mystery to making onigiri. Hot rice, a little salt, whatever filling floats your boat, and water on your hands to keep the rice from sticking to you.

If you're lazy, you can buy an onigiri mold.
by kyototrans rate this post as useful

. 2011/9/3 18:02

Since you say "I want to try them" I assume you've never eaten one before. If so, I can understand that you want to have it made by someone else as you wouldn't know if you're making it right or not.

As suggested, anyone can make onigiri. Go to a Japanese restaurant and make a request. Just Google your city or state name along with keywords like "Japanese restaurant" and I'm sure you'd find some place nice.
by Uco (guest) rate this post as useful

Where Do You Live in the U.S.? 2011/9/3 21:43
If you live in some area that has a decent-size Japanese supermarket, you can usually buy them there in the fresh foods or deli take-out section. These will be just like the ones you buy in Japan, like at a convenience store.

I hate to say it, but a lot of Japanese restaurants in the U.S. might not even know how to make a proper onigiri. There are vast regions of "heartland" that do not have a Japanese restaurant, and where you do find one, it may very well be operated by non-Japanese and might not even have a cook who is trained in Japan. They survive by learning how to fix a limited number of items on a menu adapted to American tastes. (Headlined by chicken teriyaki and sushi specialty rolls.)

If you really haven't tried onigiri and are truly obsessive, then by all means, you simply must get yourself to Japan! There you can try all sorts of them. It would be kind of a fun theme for a pilgrimage, although you might find quickly yourself seduced by other things.
by Uma (guest) rate this post as useful

Mitsuwa Spermarket 2011/9/4 04:02
Go to Mitsuwa Supermarket on the river.
They have just about every Japanese foods including origiri, bento, and restaurants. Other stores in the complex have other things Japanese, books, chawans, gifts, toys, drugs, etc.
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