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Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures? 2011/9/4 22:52
This website shows Kochi City and Naruto, which I probably will visit, but I would like to know what other sites you reccommend if you've been there (or if you've researched it and found someplace that looks nice).

I like historical sites like temples, shrines, castles, etc., gardens, and also nature which I know Shikoku is famous for.

If there are famous or particularly great onsen please share. The person I am traveling with loves onsen.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! We will have a car, so anywhere is possible!
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F.Y.I 2011/9/6 10:10
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. 2011/9/8 07:25
Has anyone been to either of these prefectures? What did you like?
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... 2011/9/8 08:00
I recommend the Iya Valley, although I think some people overrate it. Still, it is the best I have seen in Tokushima so far (except the Awa Odori). I particularly enjoyed my stay at the Iya Onsen. Try to get a room with views (we didn't). The views from the dining room are nice too, and the food was outstanding (including the best fresh takenoko I have ever had). The bath is too lukewarm for me, but unique for its (slow) cablecar:
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Thanks! 2011/9/10 14:19
Thank you for the suggestions so far!
I will look into them!
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Re: Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures? 2011/10/25 14:37
I went to the Iya Valley as suggested and it was very beautiful! There are even some slightly red and yellow leaves already!

Thanks for the info!
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Re: Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures? 2011/10/25 22:22
The must visit place in Tokushima is Iya Kazurabashi. The must stay hotel is Sin Iya
Onsen hotel Kazurabashi.The hot spa is fantastic, the best 3 hot spa in Japan I visited within these 10 years.
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