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turtle sashimi and turtle soup 2011/9/5 15:28
Hi Guys, where can I eat turtle sashimi and turtle soup in Tokyo? Please provide address for recommendations, thanks you so much.
by ivan1973  

... 2011/9/5 16:08
As you might know, sea turtle dishes are a local specialty of Tokyo's Ogasawara Islands:

I can't find any restaurant in "mainland Tokyo" that serves it, but the following Okinawa/Ogasawara specialized restaurant in Saitama (Koshigaya City) seems to have it on the menu:
by Uji rate this post as useful

.. 2011/9/6 05:06
You can enjoy suppon, turtle at following restaurants in Tokyo:

I've never heard suppon sashimi, though. They are usually cooked. They are also very expensive. Expect to pay ~20,000yen per person.
by Tokyonet (guest) rate this post as useful

.. 2011/9/6 05:12
I found another one in Shimbashi:

Apparently the course starts with Suppon blood mixed with sake then move onto liver sashimi, then to nabemono... Not for me, thank you very much!
by Tokyonet (guest) rate this post as useful

Thanks. 2011/9/6 15:09
Thanks Tokyonet. The shop at Shimbashi was featured in an america lifestyle show call Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Food.
by ivan1973 rate this post as useful

cook your own! 2011/9/6 23:16
You can buy your own supon to cook up at the basement market in Okachimachi!

There's a shop in the bottom of the Kokusai Kaikan in Yurakacho that sells supon jellies if I remember rightly.
by girltokyo (guest) rate this post as useful

... 2011/9/7 09:33
hi girltokyo, thanks. I wish I could prepare suppon but I guess I would leave it to the professional. Nevertheless, I will try to do some research on recipes and ingredients before trying.
by ivan1973 rate this post as useful

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