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New York City & Japanese Omiyage Ideas 2011/9/7 16:46

My husband and I have been living in the Kansai area for a little more than a year and we're both originally from the New York City area. In 2 weeks we're going back for a visit for the first time since moving to Japan.

I was wondering what people thought would be good omiyage ideas from NYC that isn't cheesy or tacky for my husband co-workers - he works at Panasonic so we're not dealing with the normal teacher crowd here. Also any ideas/suggestions for souvenirs for our family & friends in New York from Japan that also isn't cheesy or tacky would be welcome too.

Thanks in advance,
by ScorpioEL (guest)  

Gifts 2011/9/9 02:46
Gifts that aren't cheesy or tacky are gifts you would buy for yourself. Not obvious "souvenirs" from such and such place, but something useful.

A Japanese lady I visited was happy to get an elegant apron for example.

From my own experience, gifts from a foreign country that are too typical of this country (a Japanese fan--even a very nice one-- for example) either please friends/ coworkers a lot or leave them totally indifferent, depending on how interested or knowledgeable they are about that foreign country.

Candies, chocolate, jams, tea etc. are usually appreciated (the person that get them can either eat them or give them away without remorse..)
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