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What is the situation at Fukushima? 2011/9/8 08:51
I'd like to know the real situation about the radiation in Japan because I don't trust the news. I want to know straight from the source. I know that Japan is rebuilding and that tourism will be slow but how slow? Are there far less tourists than before? I would like to know because me and my friends want to take a trip to Japan.
by Texan Liz  

... 2011/9/8 09:03
Here is a simple summary of the situation:

No major tourist destination is located within the area with dangerously heightened radiation. Even Aizu-Wakamatsu within Fukushima Prefecture has radiation readings that are only slightly heightened (and about 50-100 times lower than the radiation during an airplane flight at high altitude). Despite the lack of danger, tourism has suffered tremendously under the accident. Many people are avoiding the Tohoku Region, which makes the situation for the region even worse.
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. 2011/9/8 12:00
Texan Liz,

Do you and your friends "want to make a trip to Japan" or do you want to make a trip to Fukushima? Because the two are totally different.

The risks for the latter is a long story and is indeed debatable. The risks for the former is practically none, because you have the option to tour the farthest place from Fukushima if you wish. For example, everyone would agree that at least Okinawa is as safe as Texas.

Here is a search result on the keyword "came back from japan." Check the dates and read what they are saying.
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taking a trip to Japan 2011/9/8 12:28
Nope I would never go near Fukushima I just wanted to know how far the radiation has spread. So places like Kyoto or Tokyo are safe?
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.... 2011/9/8 21:27
yes obviously kyoto and tokyo are "safe" enough that the millions of us living in those cities are still here!....Im sure you would notice it on headlines of world news if Tokyo was evacuated!!
Maybe you should just ask your governments advice rather than ask on here...obviously foreign governments are going to be more cautious than Japanese government and I don't know any foreign government advising tourists that Tokyo and Kyoto are unsafe so that should give you an idea.
Im sure you are intelligent enough to know that "is it safe?" is not a black and white question to which the answer can be yes or no...its about managing the moment those risks are negligible for someone coming here on holiday for a short period of time. Think about the fact people are living here with their kids and babies and you will soon get your fears into perspective.
How peoples health will be affected in years to come I don't know.... and honestly the thought of it scares me for those kids in Tohoku but not for a tourist here for such a short time visiting cities far away.
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. 2011/9/9 00:01
Texan Liz,

Well, a large part of Fukushima Prefecture is safe. Children commute to school there.

But with the exception of March 15/16, the radiation level in the air in Greater Tokyo has always been what they call "within the normal range" while some parts closer to Fukushima can still be "relatively high."
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