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japanese cooking class? 2011/9/12 10:00
Does anyone know where to take a Japanese cooking class in English in Tokyo?

After moving here from Canada, I dont know what to cook.

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... 2011/9/12 15:43
I think learning to cook Japanese food is great fun...and a class is a nice idea, try metropolis magazine they often advertise classes.

But just living in Japan rather than Canada should not affect your ability to cook.

There are a wide range of interantional ingredients available to buy at every budget. I mainly use costco and seijo ishii...but there are many specialist supermarkets too for indian, korean, chinese, brazillian foods etc...
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Taste of Culture 2011/9/23 16:02
Elizabeth Andoh holds the best classes:


If you go, tell her Yukari sent you.

Or, check out my blog:

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