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Inexpensive restaurant at tokyo station 2011/9/13 04:31
can anyone recommend an inexpensive restaurant at or very close to tokyo station for an early dinner
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.. 2011/9/13 08:10
Tokyo Station has 300+ restaurants within:

Most of them are reasonably priced.
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tokyo station food 2011/9/13 08:17
As indicated above, there are hundreds of places to eat in Tokyo Station. The station can be considered a destination in and of itself. We stayed at a hotel next door to Tokyo Station for a total of 14 nights over the last two years, and we spent many hours there. I'd suggest going to 1st Avenue Ramen Street, on B1 level, where there are eight excellent ramen shops.

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recommendation appreciated! 2011/9/13 08:50
Thanks for the replies, but I know that there are hundreds of restaurants. Can you RECOMMEND one where we can take a guest without breaking the bank?
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.. 2011/9/13 08:53
What kind of food? Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Sushi, Ramen, etc??
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Japanese food at Tokyo Station 2011/9/13 09:37
we are looking for Japanese food, not necessarily Ramen, but inexpensive
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Food 2011/9/13 14:17
You will not like the answer...but what I do ,in Japan, and in European cities, is walk around an area where there are lots of restaurants close to one another and look at the menus posted outside their door or in their window.

In Japan may restaurants have in their window display realistic models of the food they serve, including set menus for a fixed price.

Recommending a restaurant is impossible when one doesn't know the other person tastes and what they mean by inexpensive..
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. 2011/9/13 14:50
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shin maru biru 2011/9/13 23:14
go out the marunouchi exit and cross the road (or walk under it) and go to shin maru biru. it is quite flash building with restaurants on the 4th to 6th floors. on the 6th is a simple but nice restaurant called "so tired". feel free to go outside and enjoy the fresh air on the wraparound balcony. if you are really looking for a cheap place - to the right of the marunouchi exit is a building called oazou. on the 7th floor (i think-it is in a funny spot but is definitely there) is the otoya japanese food chain - again simple but very nice and also cheap.
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japanese curry kicks ass 2011/9/19 13:56
once you're done with sushi, noodles, etc.... try the curry bar at the tokyo station... you have buy the ticket at the machine - don't ask me for the name
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Ginza is close by 2011/9/23 15:46
I used to work near Tokyo station and often grabbed cheap meals here. Shin-Maru Biru (check out Saiseisakaba standing bar) and Oazo (the soba restaurant), or Daimaru (tempura or Kintame pickles) are ideal. Otherwise, Ginza is a short walk away.

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