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business directory 2011/9/13 06:42
Anyone have a link to a business directory for Tokyo or Japan? I have found a few but they are mostly dealing with travel, tourism, shopping and expat services. I can't seem to find a true industrial directory??? I'm looking for a company that does instrument repair and calibration, specifically; survey meters, MIDI Loggers, decade-rangers, and various other measuring monitoring equipment.
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... 2011/9/13 19:25
I assume that would all be in Japanese - just like the "physical" phone directory that get distributed around town as well. I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for - for what use are they? I could try to look up a manufacturer/distributor in Tokyo (any area preference?) if you could give more details.
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... 2011/9/14 02:04
Most of this equipment is fairly common and easy any company that does calibration will likely handle all of it and I know there are probably many companies that do this type of work around Tokyo. The issue I'm having is it seems to be either the internet is regional or I don't know how to use it properly. If I search Calibration companies I will get thousands of pages for companies in Houston and the US but if I search Calibration companies or business directory in Tokyo Japan I get Hotel listings, tourist attractions, restaurants and things of that nature, it's like I don't have access to the real Japan or something. It doesn't matter what language the listing are in but a link to the realTokyo yellow pages would be helpful. I will be living and officed in the Minato area (I think) in the photos my daughter took the water and Rainbow Bridge are about 4 to 6 blocks away and long way down from my balcony (don't think I will be out there much), but it doesn't matter so long as I have it done in the same regional climate that it will be used in.

Please don't think I'm trying to insult you but most people just give me a confused blank look when I try to explain what the equipment is used for but you asked.

Survey meters are used for detecting radiation. Mine are specifically setup to record NORM levels with GPS for creating something like a topographic map of NORM in an area. Generally used around mines or with an ROV on the sea floor for monitoring if mining or drilling operations are disturbing natural NORM levels. Basically everything is radioactive to a point and anytime you dig a big hole or mess with something in large scale you run the chance of concentrating it. I think they do this type of mapping when building skyscrapers too, but I don't mess with that industry.
MIDI Logger is essentially a data logger for recording voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals on separate channels. I use it mostly when heat treating parts and testing /calibrating industrial ovens and controllers amongst many other things.
Decade-ranger is for testing ohms, the gelectricalh resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference applied to these points.
Other stuff things I will need to get calibrated are scales, accelerometer, hardness meter, thermal imager, micrometer, calipers, differential pressure meter, and volt/amp meter.
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... 2011/9/14 08:29
In Japan the yellow pages are called "Town Page," and this is their online version ("i-town page"). In the first place, though, not everyone/company lists themselves on Town Page any more...

I just ran a search with the key words "‹@" (environmental measurement device/instruments) and this is the result I got.

I think I have an idea what instruments you are talking about, but finding a company that does calibration/repair for that range of products made by any manufacturer (meaning not supplied by themselves) might take a bit of time.
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Thanks 2011/9/14 11:21
Thanks AK you're always helpful. I think you're right. I prefer just stuffing it all on one box and sending it off to one vender but that's not looking promising (Business opportunity for someone maybe).

Hopefully things will get easer once I get there; I hate this feeling of dependence and incompetents.

Looks promising
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... 2011/9/14 18:45
Toyo Tech says, yes, they will calibrate any manufacturer's instruments, either sent to them or on site. You could inquire with this company to see what they say :) They list instruments for DC/AC voltage, ammmeters, high soltage, static checkers, withstand voltage tester, oscilloscopes, probes, signal transmitters, frequency counter, pyrometers, torque meters, calipers, etc. etc.

This institute seems to have some calibration service specializing in survey meters (Toyo Tech does not seem to cover that...)

Initially in any new environment one could feel lost :)
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Thanks Again 2011/9/16 07:07
Toyotech actually responded very quickly and stated that they can handle all the equipment on my list in their own lab except the survey meters. They will however, take the survey meters and send them to a different lab for calibration (they middle man it) which is fine with me. The price seems comparable to my current US vender; I will check with a few more companies, it's just good business practice.

I sort of feel lost in my current environment. I can't start any new projects. Everything that's not on a boat to japan is gone, so now I'm driving a rental and living in a hotel. My daughter is driving me bonkers (excessive happiness irritates me) like living with SpongeBob. Some guy walked into my office (didn't knock or anything) and started measuring it today??? He said he was measuring it for his furniture. I said I'm not gone yet, how about I start prematurely measuring you for a coffin??? After the PA got finished giggling she added that to the very long list of things I am absolutely not to do in Japan. So far the only thing that I'm allowed to do is start drinking (because I don't drink) however refusing when offered would be rude. I think it's time to get this show on the road. :)
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... 2011/9/16 08:44
Good to hear you've found a company that sounds decent :)

Well, I don't know your exact circumstances (I am not asking), but being placed in a new, temporary set-up can be painful, particularly in a completely different culture. Been there. And the thing with the guy measuring is rude! I hope you can be yourself soon again. Um, you don't have to start drinking, by now in Japan people who don't (or simply can't) have come to be recognized, so simply saying thank you but I don't drink would not be rude :)
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