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Can I bring packaged tea into Japan? 2011/9/13 19:16
I have looked at embassy websites and I have been unable to find out if it was ok to bring loose leaf tea into Japan. This tea is packaged and processed and in a sealed container. I will be in Japan during Winter for a few months and would like to bring my favourite tea's with me. Thank you for any assistance!
by NadiaV (guest)  

. 2011/9/14 07:27
I can't see any problem with bringing your own tea with you to Japan, but I would say that you might want to consider drinking some of the local teas.
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tea 2011/9/14 10:32
Hey Rob, I absolutely will be drinking local tea (i drink a lot of tea), I just have a few favourites that I'd like to bring a long with me as well. :)
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No strict 2011/9/14 12:41
Japanese customs at the airport is not strict so I think you will have no problems :)
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Sure can 2011/9/17 12:55
You absolutely can

I just brought a kilo and a half over for gifts for people 2 weeks ago!!
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Sending Tea? 2011/9/18 06:32
Sorry to hijack this thread but can anyone advise me on sending tea to Japan? A quick internet search seemed to show that people have had no problem with this in the past, but the Royal Mail (UK postal service) website claims that it is prohibited to send tea to Japan.
I would particularly appreciate answers from people who have specifically sent tea from Britain to Japan.
Thanks in advance.
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