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Kinosaki crab meals 2011/9/17 00:53

we are visiting kinosaki early Dec 2011. We have identified an accommodation which only come with breakfast but we would definately like to sample the famous crabs at Kinosaki.

Here's my doubts:
- Realised there is a big difference in cost for Ryokan with crab dinner and without(e.g. Tsuruya Ryokan cost Yen 7,690 per person withouy dinner; Yutouya Ryokan with crab dinner cost Yen 20,000 per person). Will it be better (price and quality) to go for Ryokan with crab dinner or restaurants serving crab meals?
- Which is the most famous restaurant(s) for crabs in Kinosaki?
- How much would a typical crab meal cost at a restaurant in Kinosaki?

Thanks and regards,
by Hong (guest)  

... 2011/9/17 09:06
If you overnight in Kinosaki, you should definitely get your crab dinner at the ryokan. Hot spring resorts generally don't have many restaurants, especially not many that are open in the evening, because most tourists will eat at the ryokan. I found one seafood restaurant near Kinosaki Onsen Station, but it is open only until 5pm and does not get good ratings:
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Thanks 2011/9/17 16:12
Hi Uji-san, many thanks for your helpful information.
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Kinosaki crab meals 2011/10/4 01:23
Or u may try this place :

The Kinosaki TIC mentioned this place when I rang them for recommendations; not sure if they simpy told me about this place because of its English website, or if it is truly good.

Uji : possible to glance thru the reviews if it is any good ? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Kinosaki crab meals 2011/10/4 10:25
Hi UL,

Photos from the website suggests that their foods are great.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Kinosaki crab meals 2011/10/5 05:36
The URL above says that this place closes at 6pm. Apparently, it's a lunch place. As Uji recommended, have dinner at your ryokan. It's more relaxing. A typical nice crab dinner course costs around 12,000 yen/person, so it's not like the ryokan is trying to rip you off.
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Re: Kinosaki crab meals 2011/10/5 10:20
Hi Tokyonet,

Thanks a lot for your comments. In fact, I have reserved a Yutouya with dinner and breakfast. That said, Honten will still be a good choice for our lunch.

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Kinosaki crab meals + ryokan 2011/10/5 14:56
I have a query on the ryokans in Kinosaki.

Am basically considering Mikiya ryokan (http://www.kinosaki-mikiya.jp/) or Mikuniya ryokan (http://www.kinosaki3928.com/) : with dinner (crab kaiseki) and breakfast.

Apparently the crabs used at Mikuniya are frozen ones while the ones at Mikiya are fresh ones.
However, Mikiya would cost JPY5000/pax more than Mikuniya.

I am not sure how long the crabs have been frozen, but is there a big difference between fresh and frozen ones in Japan ?
Also, has anyone stayed in any of these 2 ryokans before ? Any comments or recommendations ?

Many thanks.
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