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Watching TV with the internet? 2011/9/19 13:45
Hi everybody and thanks for your interest!

I currently moved to Tokyo and I really miss a TV in here. Since I am thinking whether to buy one for quite much money, I was thinking about the possibility of watching Japanese TV on the internet.
I already know about KeyHole TV but I was actually thinking about "real" TV ^__~
I would be so glad if anyone could help me.

Momo from Germany (now Tokyo)
by Ichigomomo  

Watching TV 2011/9/19 21:32
Some Japanese TV programs on the web as official channel,
but not all programs.

So buy a "USB one seg Tuner" easy!

like this
this is not cheap but basic set from around 2500 YEN.

go "Akihabara" or near large electric shop
"Yodobashi-camera","Big camara","Yamada-denki" "kojima-denki"... in Shinjuku(west exit),Ikebukuro better.
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m.__.m 2011/9/19 21:38
Thank you so much!
You're really great help!!!!
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