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Any Budget Grocery Stores in Odaiba 2011/9/19 22:31
I stay at Funenokagakukan area in Odaiba, any budget grocery stores around please!!!
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. 2011/9/20 17:56
Odabia is a rather soulless man-made island, as such there are no real neigborhoods and lots of empty land. Personaly, I wouldn't want to stay there. There is a shopping center (Venus Fort/ Palette Town) a couple of stops away at Aomi (Yurikamome Line, 180 Yen) that is supposed to have a supermarket, but I don't know which chain and it is not going to be budget prices. There is a Jusco, but it is about a 1km walk south of Toyosu station (Yurikamome Line, 310 Yen).

Also, it is not going to be cheap to get from Fune-no-kagakukan to Tokyo proper, it is 370 Yen to Shimbashi and then you'll have the cost of actually getting around Tokyo.
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... 2011/9/21 00:19
RobBeer is true. Odaiba is not an inexpensive area. There are a few normal but small supermarkets.
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Budget Grocery stores at Odaiba 2011/9/21 07:58
Thank you gus for that quick response.
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. 2011/9/21 11:21

The thing is that no one lives near Funenokagakukan. Travel to where the residents are. Maruetsu, suggested by another poster, has a reputation for their reasonable prices.
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I like Odaiba 2011/9/23 11:19
Well, because of our itinerary I decided to stay at Odaiba area, at Nikko Hotel, for 8 nights in a row
- Nikko Odaiba had a summer promotion. We spent 140,000 yens for those 8 nights, including breakfast for 2 adults. My daughter also enjoyed a free breakfast even though the website says it's not free. The room is huge at 33m2 and the bathroom is fabulous. We love Nikko Hotel Odaiba.
- I landed at Haneda at 22 pm and by Limousine Bus, Odaiba is only 20 minutes away, so after a long flight, we got to the hotel within minutes. Going back to Haneda was also a breeze. We didn't have to rush to catch the 10:35 flight.
- Although the neighborhood is not typically Japanese, we had a nice view every time we went back to the hotel: the rainbow bridge (not lit) and the tokyo tower (brightly lit)
- Disney resort is so close that after a long day, we could get back to the hotel easily. The hotel provides free shuttle bus to Disney Resort but we can also take Rinkai line, which is not busy in the morning going to Shin Kiba direction, so no fear for that rush hour horror.
- We wanted to visit Miraikan, a really nice place. There is no science museum in the country where we live so Miraikan was a must for us.

So by all means, stay at Odaiba area or even Nikko Hotel Odaiba if you have the reasons like I did.

Good luck!
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