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Who is your favorite famous Gaijin? 2011/9/21 06:01
Who is your favorite famous Gaijin who lives in Japan? I used to like Asashoryuu(sumo wrestler). But he doesn’t live in Japan any more. I probably like Dave Specter the best.
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... 2011/9/21 08:25
C. W. Nicol and Daniel Kahl.
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Nicol, Wellard and Joy-papa 2011/9/21 23:43
Another vote for C.W. Nicol. I don't understand why people have to look up to Alex Kerr when we already have C.W. Nicol.

Another person I was impressed by was Timothy Wellard who played Thomas Blake Glover on NHK's "Ryoma-den" under the name ティム・ウィラード. He is probably the most un-Eikaiwa-teacher-y foreign resident I've seen on TV. And he was good!

There are many others, but most of them are more like Japanese than gaijin-san :)

Oh yeah, I like Joy's dad, too.
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. 2011/9/22 11:48
Ken Tanaka is. Look for him on YouTube.
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. 2011/9/22 15:15
Panzetta Girolamo(talent)
Nicholas Pettas(Karate)

Kurofune correspondent Gaijins on MXTV
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Alex Kerr 2011/9/22 15:35
Probably lesser known that most of the others mentioned here as he doesn't appear on TV, but Alex Kerr, the author and art collector, is my favourite gaikokujin:

His book Dogs & Demons is pretty topical now in the way the Japanese politicians and bureaucrats handled the Fukushima aftermath: (also available in Japanese)
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.. 2011/9/22 17:31
Ugh, Dave Specter makes me wanna puke!

A nobody in LA, faking it in Japan.

I can name another wannabe circus clown, amongst many, no doubt, from the west who is prostituting himself for fame and fortune as a show pony, that would be a chap by the name of Joseph Tame.
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.. 2011/9/22 17:33
here's a quote from dave spector:

"A lot of times the foreigners on TV, models and what-not, are compared to pandas. ... [S]ince I'm making half a million dollars a year, I'm very happy to be a panda. I'd be a much lower animal. I'd be like a sloth, or something, or a hedgehog, you know, for that money. So it doesn't bother me at all."
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Maybe 2011/9/22 19:47
Not sure if he counts, but Steven Seagal interests me a lot
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... 2011/9/22 21:06
Couldn't agree more about Dave Spector.

When he first came to Japan, he had no success at all. He came back, dyed his hair blond, and put on the panda and pony show that the Japanese viewers wanted to see.

Now he's fairly successful.

Most of the foreign talent in Japan play it up and exploit all the stereotypes various ethnic backgrounds and of foreigners in general.

In a country virtually completely ignorant of ethnic differences and the history of racism, you get asked to do some pretty bad stuff here.

The people who choose to take the "higher ground" usually don't make it very mainstream.

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yeah, but 2011/9/22 22:07
I agree with kyototrans, but you can say the same for the Japanese wanting to succeed locally in show biz in, say, the U.S. :)
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Re: Who is your favorite famous Gaijin? 2011/9/27 23:13
Liza Dalby. :)
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Re: Who is your favorite famous Gaijin? 2011/9/28 19:24
Dante Carver aka Onii-Chan in the SoftBank commercials:

He was rated the most popular male in Japanese commercials.
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