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Transaction with Japanese store not showing up? 2011/10/5 01:16
Hi, I live in the UK, and I made a purchase at a clothing retailer in Japan via email. I wanted to buy a jacket from this clothing retailer based in Tokyo, and after being in contact with them about it, I supplied them with all my Visa debit card details over an email. They then emailed me back to say all was fine and that they sent me the jacket. I have since received the jacket and it is all fine.

HOWEVER, I paid for this in mid-September (it has been more than two weeks), and the transaction has NOT appeared on my bank statement. I even called my bank to ask them if there was anything pending from Japan, and they said no. (They said they would be able to tell of any future payments)

What is going on? Have I got away with this? I do not feel comfortable with this situation, as it was quite an expensive item.

I then spoke to a Japanese friend of mine who said that it is quite normal for Japanese transactions to take up to 2 months to appear on my British bank statement, and that it is not always paid off as quickly as it is in the UK. He told me to not go back to them and to see what happens. (Because they might end up charging me twice)

Can I get arrested for this? I have not done anything wrong I feel, I gave them all my information. They should not have sent it to me if payment was unsuccessful, but they said it was successful!

Arrghh - please someone help me! :( Please shed any light on this situation!

Thank you very much
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. 2011/10/5 14:02
I agree with your friend. I don't know if it's a Japanese thing but it's normal for transactions to show up on my credit card account a month after the purchase. I wouldn't worry about it. They would not have sent the item if there was a problem with the payment.
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.. 2011/10/5 22:02
Don't worry, they won't forget. Your will get charged eventually. In fact, the transaction might have already been authorized but they haven't complete it to draw the money.

I had a few of transactions that shown up almost 2 months after in the past. It probably has something to do with the company's billing cycle. Especially those big companies (i.e. Softbank, department stores like. Daimaru) tend to do that (from my personal experience anyway).
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credit card use in Japan 2011/10/5 23:38
I have also noticed the long time it takes for purchases made while visiting Japan as well as online purchases from my home in the US to get on to my credit card.....don't worry!
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Don't panic yet... 2011/10/9 08:13
I agree with he previous posters, I was waiting for a transaction to show up form the NIKE store at Shinsaibashi.
When something did show up on the statement it was for DIAMARU...I didn't understand...but apparently NIKE was a part of the DAIMARU dept. store in this instance, even though it looked like a stand alone store to me.

I am sure you will be billed.

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