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how to get into a japanese college 2011/10/9 11:01
Im an 11th grade IB student in virginia. I've always wanted to go to japan firstly. But what i want to do in life is become a video game designer or as a backup some sort of technician involving computers. (In other words im a nerd with swagg) Then i thought of going to japan for college so i can kill 2 birds with one stone. i found out theres a couple schools that you go to in japan for like a 1 1/2 a year learning japanese and their customs but i have no clue what is required to even get started on something this big. hopefully some can help.
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Re: how to get into a japanese college 2011/10/9 22:34
With what you are doing you'll need to speak Japanese. It's not impossible and there are many people who do the same thing. Most are chinese though.

What I recommend you do is go to a language school for 1-2 years in Tokyo/Yokohama/Kanagawa/Saitama (The Tokyo area) or even in Osaka. The language school will prepare you and a bunch of other future college students. They will help you with your college applications too when that time comes.
An example of one language is Tokyo Riverside School.
It looks pretty good.
From some friends i know who went thru the language school route, their views may sound a little controversial but they say avoid many of the other language schools that are like almost all European. Most of those are not so serious, and are just people who are taking some short 1 year vacation in japan and not studying for future job or school. the one above is good i think.

Going to college in Japan as a foreigner is gonna take a lot of money. Have your parents be prepared and I really suggest you get a part-time job NOW and start saving EVERY penny. You have your rent (not cheap), you have your daily food, transportation (trains ...depends on your distance, but at least 120$/month for train), AND bicycle (100~200$ unless you get some nicer road bike), food costs (depends on you, if you cook, eat fast food, microwave dinners aka bentou). $200 a month or so for food.

It's gonna take you about $1000/month to just live. You can get a part-time job after coming here. But you gotta wait at least 3 months, you can only work like 20 hours. And you're gonna have a lot up front costs of things you're gonna have to buy and fees for services when you move here.

A plane ticket is gonna cost $800~1000. For your language school, to finally receive your visa you'll have to pay your language school 1 year of tuition (several thousand dollars)
When you get here you'll have to pay for random things to move and start your life.
A cellphone... gonna depend on what kind you buy
your Alien ID card (all foreigners must carry one at all times)
National Health Insurance (a good idea to buy this... it's social healthcare so it's relatively cheap)

You'll need somewhere around $6000+ ($7000 including plane ticket) to just start your life. Then you'll need money every month to live.

So in other words don't even buy candy or mcdonalds now. save every penny you got. Apply to the language school 6~10 months before going there. You should go right after graduating highschool.

You should enter college around 19~20 years old.
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Re: how to get into a japanese college 2011/10/10 21:48
I want to add from the previous poster, with financing your studies you should definitely look/consider scholarships and bursary options available for people wanting to study in Japan.

There's quite a few available so do an internet search and check them out. Or got to the Japan Foundation or general consulate near your area for info.
Hope this is of use.
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Re: how to get into a japanese college 2011/10/11 20:47
Please never say nerd with swag again...

Ok, I went to Japan (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) for the course in Japanese Studies.

I had to submit:
- Every transcript that I had ever received in my life.
- A introduction letter in Japanese.
- My Japanese studies history e.g. JLPT level, subjects etc.
- Fill out all application forms.
- Pay application fee.

I was accepted and after I had to then pay my tuition fees for the year. After this I received my student visa and was on my way to Japan.

You will need to arrange accommodation (this can be done with the help of the university) and will usually be a small ass apartment.

It is an expensive experience but if the money is not an issue go for it.
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